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Apple Planting 2003

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Apple Planting- Dec 2003

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On 6 Dec 2003, a group of local families lead by Kristina Frydberg planted an orchard of apple trees in a corner of Mannings Field next to the allotments that will form the Downley Community Orchard.
A good crowd of local families attended and went through an introduction given by Kristina Frydberg and Tony Speight from the Wycombe Rangers service who gave a lot of support and  provided use of lots of their tools and barbecue and gave a tool talk on how to use spades safely
A specialist nursery grafted cuttings from two tress growing on the common onto sturdy rootstock to produce two new varieties called Willson's Wonder and Rita's Robin. Each family sponsored one tree and came along to plant it and promised to look after it in the future.
John Willson (of Willson's Wonder fame) demonstrated the right way to plant and apple tree so as to improve its chances over surviving afterwards. It was very important to get the right combination of hole, soil, compost, tree, water, stake, guard and label and to do it in the right order!
Having gone the proper training each family was let loose with their own tree and started digging.
After a good morning's work they all lined up for the commemorative photograph. Even the Bucks Free Press turned up, but their pictures weren't as good as these!
Everyone worked up a good appetite for the barbeque. Suasages and chestnuts were vry welcome on what turned to be rather a cold day.
Not satisfied with digging holes for apple tress, 4 young participants decided to dig a really big hole. They were last seen heading for New Zealand.
Thanks to everyone for taking part and to especially to Kristina for all her hard work and persistence.Thanks also to funders
Chiltern Conservation Board, Downley Parish Council and the Downley Day committee, and, of course, to Sir Edward Dashwood for giving permission for the use of his land

Published on 8 Dec 2003