Downley Common Preservation Society

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Year Planner


This year planner shows when we typically carry out routine activities that happen every year. Any other suggestions for routine activities are welcome. See the map below to identify location of numbered areas. Those activities marked with a * can be done at almost any time.



Typical Activity
February Plant new whips (eg. ash, hazel, willow) in coppice area (1) near the track to the dairy. Alternatively plant new whips (eg. hawthorn) at selected areas on borders of the Common to replace need for posts
March Limit flailing in Spring so as to avoid damaging spring flowers. Check posts for rot and looseness*
April Members meeting at Village Hall (1st Thursday)
May Flail blackthorn shoots near bus-turning circle (4) and by track to Chilton Cottages (9) Cut back blackthorn bushes by hand where necessary*
June Flail bracken on areas near the dairy (2), glade on the bridle path down to the hydrant (3)
July Manually pull brambles from heather patch near coppice between (1) and (2), and around gorse bushes*
Select trees for cutting and send form for WDC permission
August Flail bracken at areas (2) and (3) again if necessary. Cut back new trees/bushes in grassland areas*
September Flail glades to north of cricket pitch in areas (7) and (8)
Members meeting at Village Hall (1st Thursday)
October Cut trees for bonfire and drag to bonfire site (every week in November). Start building the bonfire.
AGM at Village Hall (1st Thursday)
November Build bonfire and clear up afterwards
December Cut back overgrown paths*